The rocks in my head

Ok, Ok, Ok.  I know my mind isn’t right sometimes, but what the heck, everybody has a few rocks in their head.

My FB friends already saw the geologic event I spotted in a cornmeal muffin.  I often see geology in my food.  But, today, rummaging through a collection of rocks I haven’t seen in a while, I started finding rocks that looked like food.  Well . . .  sort of. . .


This one I call the steak rock.  Tell me you cannot see a slab of raw meat in this eroded piece of agatized (petrified) wood?

Or, how about this one:

2013_0203_rmb_0025This bears a remote resemblance to a peanut.  Don’t you think?  Just stand it on end, imagine a top hat, some skinny arms and legs, a cane in one hand . . . ta da, you have  a monocled Mr. Peanut.

Unless you eat acorns, you probably will not see The Acorn Twins in these nodules.


Ok, Ok, Ok, I know, I have rocks in my head!


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