Eliminating Secrets: Part 3


Week three: sand the bottom cabinets

Most of the dirty kitchen secrets clung heavily to the lower cabinets, especially the one next to the stove where, we discovered, the previous owners applied a coat of stain over multiple layers of preexisting grease.  Then, who knows how many years of crud contributed to the strata overlying the stained grease.

Needless to say, after applying a degreaser, these cabinets still required an entire box of sandpaper to get down to the bare wood, because within seconds, every space between the coarse grains on the paper filled with the sticky, brown substance.  Then another degreasing and several more rounds of sandpaper.

During: 2nd week

In the time it took my sister to sand this area, I completed sanding the rest of the lower cabinets.  The next day, however, I took some more degreaser and sandpaper to the same area until the sandpaper was virtually free of brown infill.

At last, the tacky secrets were gone!  Or, so we thought.

After: 3rd week


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