Eliminating Secrets: Part 2

Week two:  sand the upper cupboards; if time permits, sand a door or two.


This week required more work than week one.  The refrigerater was moved, and sanding under the cupboards impaired one’s vision with all the sawdust falling into our eyes.  Yes, even with eye protection, our eyes felt like gravel pits.  Our necks ached after a few minutes and required frequent breaks.  The scalloped edge over the sink proved a challenge, and the cupboard over the stove . . . well . . . that took several rounds of sandpaper, because it wasn’t long before the space between the grains filled with grossly colored brown grease.  Fortunately, my sister tackled that job while I craned my neck sanding under the cupboards.

My sister had an advantage. She was short enough to fit comfortably between the countertop and the ceiling.



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