Gold brought them to the hills

The former Yarnell Fire Dept.Someone said, “There’s gold in them there hills!”  And so, Charles Genung entered the Weaver Mountains in 1865, and found gold.  Not long after, Harrison Yarnell, another prospector,  entered the area and founded Yarnell mine.  Today, the small community of Yarnell, Arizona, sits atop a boulder strewn hill 2,500 feet above the valley floor.

However, to get there one must complete several grueling switch backs in a four mile stretch with a 2500 foot accent, but the drive is well worth the incredible view at the top.

At the base of Antelope Peak in the Weaver Mountains, 645 residents call Yarnell their home.  Small shops and galleries along State Rt. 89 beckons one to stop and browse for a spell.  Among these renovated buildings, ruins of former businesses lay exposed to the elements, adding a ghostly touch to the rugged terrain.

You won’t find anymore gold in these hills, nor Starbucks or chain restaurants, just  the homey atmosphere of Mom & Pop establishments, offering home cooked meals and cowboy coffee.


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