What do photographers and museums have in common?

Seems rather far-fetched to make the comparison, but at closer examination, they can almost be considered cousins.

  • Museums are heavily invested in buildings and collections, both of which need great amounts of care and attention by curators to protect their exhibits and artifacts.
  • Photographers are heavily invested in high end  equipment, including cameras and studio lighting systems.  All of which requires a fair amount of care and maintenance to produce images of superb quality.
  • Museums need professionally designed, killer web sites to pique ones interest and propel them to the actual, physical museum.
  • Photographers need dynamic, professional web sites to entice art buyers and potential clients.

But, perhaps the most commonly shared trait is their clientele.  Patrons expect to pay little, or nothing for admission to a museum, and people expect to pay little, or nothing for the services of a professional photographer.


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